Seasonal programmes that bring deeper meaning, ritual and wholeness to your every day life.

The Wheel of Life 2022

Limited to 6 places Online - Zoom

The Wheel of Life is a three month journey which is guided by the seasons. You’ll be part of a small group which will meet twice a month to align your dreams, intentions and choices with the seasonal energy. Each week you’ll receive your own Astrological touch stone to serve as a guide and reminder of your bigger purpose in life.

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The Moon Effect

7.00pm - 9.00pm Online - Zoom

While you may well know your astrological sun sign; you may not realise that it is your natal Moon that rules your emotional world. This conversation with Danielle North, Founder of the Pause will discuss how you can nurture and nourish your Moon to radically reduce anxiety and stress in your life. Before the webinar you can download your own Astrological chart here

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Cancer Full Moon Meditation

7.30pm Online - Zoom

The Full Moon is the peak of the Moon cycle.  And while this moment of great illumination can be a time of celebration and rejoicing; it can also be a time of frustration and overwhelm. This Full Moon is in Cancer – the sign connected to family, mother archetype and security. This guided meditation will support you to understand what knowledge this Full Moon brings to you and how it can move your life forward.

The Cancer Full Moon meditation will be recorded
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The Magic of the Lunar Cycle: Part 2

7.00pm-9.00pm Online - Zoom

This workshop follows on from the Magic of the Lunar Cycle and looks at what astrological sign your moon is in. Being aware of this sign can help you understand the best way to look after your emotional needs. We will also be looking at how this differs from your Sun Sign and how to looks after both your solar and lunar needs.

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