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When I was in my 20s I lived in Fulham and close to my home was a placed called The Inner Potential Centre. Each weekend they would run strange and mystical courses that opened up a whole new reality to me. It was during one cold and rainy November Sunday that I was first introduced to Tarot Cards. At the time I was unhappily working in PR, trying to squeeze myself into a role that didn’t quite fit my sensitive orientation yet not seeing any alternatives.

However when I was asked to pick three cards representing the past, present and future  – that cards overwhelmingly reflected back to my current life circumstances. Yet as well as showing my life circumstances, the ‘future’ card also opened up possibilities in a way I hadn’t seen before. And so my Tarot journey began. Over 20 years ago and many tarot decks later, I still find great solace in these ‘divine’ cards which have been used widely since the 14th century.

And while each session is different, each Tarot reading opens a door to possibility. Bringing clarity and understanding to the ‘bigger issues’ at play. And while the future is never set in stone; having time to explore your unique life circumstances can uplift and refocus your intention and ultimately change your experience of life.



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