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Everybody at some point has experienced times when they need support. When unwelcome situations enter your life and you are unsure of which direction you are supposed to go in. And while these times can feel challenging and confusing, they also contain gifts of great transformation. With guidance, your darkest hours can reveal a different path and a new way of being that reconnects you physically and emotionally once more.

However without support and reflection, these times can feel overwhelming and lonely.  While you may be able to mask the tension in certain circumstances, there are always consequences when you hold down and suppress feelings of fear and discomfort for extended periods of time.  Often a shorter fuse, diminished sleep and changes in digestive and hormonal patterns are the first signs that you need support. And while it can feel excruciating to feel vulnerable and raw, listening to your body and working with the pain, rather than pushing it away, is the first step for transformation.

Spiritual healing works with all the different threads in your life to create a sense of wholeness. It uses your astrological birth as a foundation and can also include numerology, past life regression, sacred touch and channelled healing.  Each session is tailored to you. It takes into account your personal journey to help you make sense of grief, change and personal pain.


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