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I studied Reiki when I lived in India. I was living in the foot hills of the Himalayas and each morning I had an hour long trek to my yoga class. After the yoga I would then stay on for my afternoon Reiki mentorship. It felt very magical to learn this ancient healing technique while nestled very much in the heart of nature. It was a special time in my life when my connection to the unseen world was really strengthened and supported by the space I had each afternoon to gaze at the snow capped mountains and watch the local cows, goats and shepherds wander past the window.

Currently these energy treatments are offered online. At our appointment time, we ‘meet’ through Zoom and stay connected throughout the healing session. Reiki – which means universal life energy – is channeled through my hands to your different energy centres (chakras). Each of these centres (you have seven main ones) are energetic portals and have an important connection to different parts of your body. While there are no ‘typical’ Reiki treatments  – I can say this. It’s truly profound and I’m deeply grateful to work with my guides in this way.

Working directly with your energy field means that I can clear energetic blockages that have been unintentionally created. And perhaps most importantly, by understanding which chakra this is connected to, understand why this tension manifested itself in the first place. And while you may be unaware of your energy centres and how they are working, if they have become congested – you’ll usually have noticed that you’re feeling ‘off’, not your usual self, and not know why. It could be anxiety, low energy or a general sense of being mentally confused or vacant in some way. Whatever your own symptoms are, Reiki can really support you and empower your mental wellbeing.

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All one to one treatments take place in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. See Google Map

Astrology Consultations take place over Zoom.

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