Pregnancy Massage

A soothing massage to ease your body during this time of transition

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One hour £60
90 Minutes £80
Two Hours £100

When I was pregnant part of me was in awe of the magic of creating life and another part of me felt daunted, overwhelmed and tired. Suddenly my body was changing and expanding rapidly and travelling along this nine month journey, I had many heightened emotions. During this time massage and reflexology treatments really helped  – and while having sacred touch connected me to my baby – I found the most powerful part was that it reconnected me to myself during one of the biggest transitions of my life.

All the times that my mind was in overdrive, desperately trying maintain control, dissipated with touch as once I was back in my body I could trust the process of life and cherish this transformational experience.  And every pregnancy treatment that I create is focused on nurturing your body and releasing any future based fear or tension that you are carrying.

On a physical level, this pregnancy massage will ease muscular tightness in the back, neck and shoulders. It will also recharge your batteries if you are feeling tired and not sleeping as well as you normally would. The whole experience is entirely focused on creating comfort and calm throughout your body and your baby’s body before you both begin new chapters in your lives.


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Treatments take place in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. See Google Map

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