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Using the wisdom of your astrological moon placement for personal clarity and understanding

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In our natal chart, each of us has our own natal moon placement. This symbolises our connection to the past, what feels familiar and safe as well as our instinctive emotional response. As the moon is the gateway to our unconscious, we can have a much deeper and clearer understanding of our needs so as well as the best way to soothe and manifest what we yearn for.

Each month, the moon comes back to the exact point it was when you were born. This is a


As a child I was fascinated by the moon. During my secondary school years I went to boarding school and my bed was next to a huge window with ill fitting curtains. Every night when I lay in bed I’d watch the moon. Staring at the changing shape and feeling mesmerised by the intensity of the light that was radiated each night. However it was only when I moved to Asia and spent two years living in Thailand and India that I really understood the energetic connection that we have with the lunar cycle. That as she changes every three days, so do we.

And connecting to this ancient cycle has transformed the way that I live my life. In astrology, the moon represents our emotional centre – how we feel safe and soothed. And while many of us know our astrological sun sign, our moon is much more personal to us as it reveals what we need for our mental wellbeing,  And this is especially supportive in times of stress – when change happens and our foundations feel uncertain. This is when we need to connect with and understand our Moon for emotional stability and reassurance.

Moon readings take place in realtime, in the comfort of your home and we look at where the moon is in your natal chart. We also look at where the moon was when your were born as this lunar phase that happens each month will be deeply influential in your day to day life. Looking at the moon placements of family members, especially partners and children can really help understand your unique emotional dynamic. As well as bringing greater clarity and understanding in your relationships;  using this ancient lunar wisdom brings much deeper connection as you can respond to both their and your own emotional landscape.

The ancient wisdom of the Moon supported our ancestors, ourselves and will continue to illuminate the way for all those who come after us


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