Hopi Ear Candling

An ancient tradition to soothe and clear your head and sinuses.

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One hour £60

I had my first Hopi ear candle treatment in New Zealand while I was working on a farm in Tauranga and have been a huge fan ever since. At the time I was feeling stressed – trying to work out where my path was leading and found that this treatment really cleared my mind and calmed my very loud mental chatter. And while it is traditionally recognised for its detoxifying powers  – clearing blocked sinuses, ear wax and tinnitus – for me it’s particularly brilliant for relaxing and soothing the mind.

It works very simply. When lit, the candle creates a light suction which helps to release blocked pressure. The burning of the candle breaks up any mucus that has been building in the ear which is then cleared through the lymphatic system. The treatment takes place fully clothed, lying on your side on the massage table. Over the years I’ve found that this treatment works best combined with a facial massage and reflexology on the feet which we would discuss at the beginning of your session.

This is a great treatment if you have recently had a cold as it helps to clear away any post-cold residue. It also works well if you are due to fly (or have landed) as it can help to avoid (or release) that blocked ear feeling. And finally, it’s a great ritual to help slow down your thoughts if you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious.


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