Dark Moon

A bespoke six week journey to lift the energetic veil on a specific life issue

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Six week journey £997

Each month there is a time when the Moon enters it’s dark phase. Which means that when you look up at the sky all you will see is darkness. And like the Moon, there will be times in your life when you too feel like you’re in a dark moon phase. That on some level, you feel lost and confused with no visible path  forward.

The Dark Moon is a six week journey created for those times.  Because when your current life circumstances no longer feel endurable, you are usually on the cusp of great change and transformation.  And while your current suffering may feel connected to an external situation –  it is actually a symptom of an unresolved emotional issue.

Dark Moon works on a deep level, connecting to the unseen world for healing and understanding. It comprises of six weekly one on one sessions with personal touch stones after each session. The journey includes past life influences, pre-birth choices, ancestor healing and soul fragmentation.

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