How to avoid catching a cold

I think we’ve all been there haven’t we? When we’re surrounded by people with nasty colds and coughs and as they splutter in our direction, we just think that...


I think we’ve all been there haven’t we? When we’re surrounded by people with nasty colds and coughs and as they splutter in our direction, we just think that it’s only a matter of time before we too are polluted by their germs.

And the germ theory seems to make sense doesn’t it. That somehow we’re innocent bystanders that can be attacked by ‘germs’ at any point. Yet actually we have a lot more power than we think. As the simple truth is our bodies cannot get sick unless we’re already sick.

So let’s think what that actually means for us. That if someone close by has a horrible cold and if we’re run down, stressed, tired or not eating well then we’re likely to pick this up. BUT if we’re well, getting enough sleep, eating healthily and exercising then our immune system is strong enough to avoid this unwanted visitor.

Louis Pasteur, the revered French scientist spent his life on the ‘germ theory’. Stating that it was the air born germs that caused the disease. Yet on his death bed revoked his life’s work saying that ‘the germ is nothing, the internal terrain is everything’.

And this has been backed up by countless research. The understanding that sickness is directly related to the state of our bodies, not the germs outside of it. It’s our terrain, our own internal environment that dictates whether we get sick, whether we catch that cold or not.

And that is why we often see groups of people getting ill and groups of people who stay well. Our health can often be very similar to those around us. We tend to eat from the same source, drink from the same source and have similar thoughts which is reflected by us having a similar immune system.

But this doesn’t mean that we’re trapped by our surroundings. Regardless of who we share our space with, we can totally create our own level of wellbeing. And to achieve this heightened immune system isn’t difficult. It just starts with us listening to our bodies.

Because our bodies will always let us know what it needs. Taking time to listen to our body’s messages¬† is one of the best thing we could possible do.

Whether we have an ache or pain, low energy levels or disturbed sleep. All these are just symptoms of our body trying to get our attention. Trying to tell us that something isn’t working, that it wants something to be different.

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